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Infant Jesus Daycare - Waterdown & Hamilton

Infant Jesus Daycare - Waterdown & Hamilton

Infant Jesus Daycare - Waterdown

Owned and operated by the Sisters of St. John the Baptist offers children a happy, warm and caring second home. Through the guidance and supervision of its qualified and trained staff, the day care strives to provide safe, healthy, play-oriented group learning opportunities in a value-oriented environment in which the child can grow spiritually and developintellectual, social, physical, emotional and language skills.

We are non-profit day care licensed under the Ministry of Community and
Social Services.

We provide child care for children from 18 months to 4 years of age. It does not discriminate with regard to race, creed, or sex. We strive to respond to the special needs of single and working parents.

Infant Jesus Daycare - Waterdown Activity

Comprehensive Standard Program

  • To help the children become more aware of God's love as it is revealed through creation, persons and events, and to educate them to respond with appreciation and gratitude.
  • To assist the child in developing his/her potential in a group setting.
  • To encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions and learn self-reliance.
  • To expose the children to situations and experiences that will stimulate their curiosity, initiative and independence.
  • To provide the child with varied activities that will lead to positive self-esteem, selfexpression, and a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.
  • To encourage mutual respect among the children by creating a relaxed and co-operative atmosphere that supports sharing, communication and working together in play as well as in learning experiences.
  • To develop in the child a sense of respect and cooperation with adults.

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905-690-9605  •  717 Centre Rd., Waterdown

Infant Jesus Daycare - Waterdown

To provide the best daycare services within, and foster a holistic and nurturing environment for childcare development and growth.

We believe that children need a loving, heartfelt environment that is their “home away from home”, and that also stimulates their natural born abilities and cultivates their sense of identity and self esteem. This is achieved through enriched curriculum and educational programs, playful environments that teach social skills and personal interaction, and social constructs with human dynamics.

Waterdown Infant Jesus Daycare believes the confluence of these values and principles will give our children the opportunity to expand socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. They will lean to play, think, love and discover their new surroundings while also learning about themselves in the process.


Please contact Waterdown office: 905-690-9605

Infant Jesus Daycare - Hamilton

To stimulate children with the unique and diverse techniques and innovative methods for enhancing learning development and social skill sets.

Encapsulates the desire and objective to provide the best attentive daycare services that is holistic and nurturing; and provides a positive, dynamic and stimulating environment for children to grow on all levels. This promotes self-identity awareness and positive self-esteem that will allow children to explore themselves and their worlds with positive human interaction.

In this service, we are called to reveal and witness to the world Jesus of Nazareth in the light of and the hope in the coming of the Kingdom of God.

We believe in a Code of Ethics that adopts ethical, humanistic practices and standards and ensures that all its corporate policies are ethical, inclusive and fair. If you wish to voice a concern or raise a question concerning daycare policies, practices or standards, please feel free to Contact Us at srs.waterdowndaycare@gmail.com, and your concerns will be duly noted and addressed.

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